It's winter in Emerald Beach and we were tired of feeling cold. So we decided to drive until we hit the Tropic of Capricorn, then head west and see some wide open spaces and bask like lizards in the outback sun. We took the scenic route, and it ended up being a 3000km round trip...To put it in perspective, the entire length of the UK is 1400km. We went quite literally west of the Black Stump, which it turns out is in Blackall Queensland.

Definitely not glamping- car camping in our self converted 98 Land Rover Disco AKA Dusty.

Definitely not glamping- car camping in our self converted 98 Land Rover Disco AKA Dusty.

It felt like an epic journey and I've never driven such distances without seeing a single town or even house, but in reality it was such a tiny corner of Australia, and it's definitely given me a taste to discover more of this sunburnt country.

It was great to get on the road and not have a definitive plan. We used the wiki camps app and just stayed where ever was closest when we were too tired to drive any further. Earlier this year we bought an old Land Rover Discovery (his name is Dustin) and converted it ourselves into a sort of camper, taking out the back seats and building a bed with storage underneath in the back. It's rudimentary, but has revolutionised our camping experience, by virtue of being super cosy, so much easier and faster than pitching a tent, and giving us much more flexibility on the type of places we can stay. This road trip was Dustins first real test, and he passed with flying colours.

Here are a few highlights from the trip.

Go ask Alice... these look tasty? Fungi in Nimbin.

Cumulo nimbus at Burrum Heads

Dramatic colours on the Capricorn Highway

Impromptu laundry line while camping out the back of Duaringa Pub.

Duaringa Pub- make sure you arrive in time for the $4 schooners at happy hour.

Barcaldine- the home of the Australian Labour movement. It also has an impressive high pub to population ratio. Not sure if the two facts are related.

Lara wetlands, an oasis in every sense.

A room with a view. 5 minutes later we were soaking in a hot artesian natural pool. Bliss.

Vast. I've never seen a sky so wide.

Boab Trees in Mitchell

Love these faded colours.

Just a quick spin to the back of beyond...Our route map in case you're tempted