How To Set Up Your Creative Process


As a creative professional, setting up a good work flow is essential. Here's how I set up my work space & organise my creative process in order to be productive & inspired! I wanted to share the inspirational process that was essential for the creation of my newest collection a preview of which is now online.

1. Research - daydreaming & exploring

I start with a lot of research, thinking and daydreaming-  it's my favourite part! I go exploring & take photos wherever I go of interesting and pretty plants or birds. I also spend way too much time on my Pinterest curating and collecting images and inspiration. I then love to make a huge mood board on the wall above my desk, it truly inspires me when I am working, if I feel a bit stuck or need some clarity I just need to look up!

2. Creating Stories

I like to split each range into stories. For the new range, there are three main stories- Nocturnal, Flower Child, and Birds Of Paradise. Each of these has a distinct colour palette, theme and style.

3. Drawing Inspiration 

I mainly draw from photos I have taken or from reference books and magazine, but I also love to forage flowers and leaves and draw from life which really adds an extra dimensions to the sketches.

4. Upload & Scan

I start drawing all of the individual elements with pigment markers, and then I scan everything in to my computer and create compositions in photoshop. I then print out and add more details and textures and repeat till I'm happy!

For the pieces shown in this blog post I will be working with a mixture of pen and ink and watercolours, which will be printed in pigment inks on archival papers for the final product (also known as Giclee Prints) but I also work with silk screen and textile prints- the process for these is a bit different and I will share in a separate post.

5. Finishing Touches

After the composition is perfect (this can take hours or days depending on the piece)  I will print out onto watercolour paper and add some colours and tints, and then scan back in and tweak the colours.


6. Printing & Processing

The next step is sending the files for printing. All Scenic Route fine art prints are made using high-quality pigment inks and are available on either a textured Hahnemuhle German Etching or smooth Museo Portfolio Rag archival papers in a variety of sizes. The maximum edition for any print is 50, and each print is signed and numbered.

I also offer a range of greeting cards printing with vegetable inks onto 100% recycled stock, and I have to say, these are so nice you will want to frame them too!


Victoria McGrane