Why I am striking for the Climate

 This is not business as usual.

 When I first heard about the 2300 businesses (and counting) pledging to strike for the climate today, joining the millions of school children in 150 countries led by incredible activist Greta Thunberg my initial feeling was one of helplessness.

Helplessness, because what impact would I have, sitting in my tiny office in a remote town literally in the middle of no where in Australia by joining a strike. What could I even do?

But then I realised, even though I am just one person, I do have a platform however small, and if just one person reads this and feels inspired in any way it’s worth it.  If just one person shares this image to their social media feed it will mean something. So even if it seems futile to say that I am striking for the climate today, as I can’t join a march, I bloody am striking.

Ciimate Action Now illustration Rainforest

The passion that drives all of my creativity and the inspiration for all of my art is the beauty of the natural environment, and the flora, fauna and incredible biodiversity of Australia. When I read about the impact that climate change is having on our natural environment, not just in Australia but globally it terrifies me.

For me, one of the hardest things about starting a business, was the paradox of making more things and asking people to consume them, in a world that is already stuffed with things, and over consumption being such a huge problem. I am doing my best to only create things that people will love and cherish, that will last a long time and that are made in the most ethical and earth friendly way possible. A lot of research goes into everything I make, but I am not perfect, and am constantly trying to  find ways to improve and learn.

 But the truth is, that as much as each individual can strive to do their absolute best in all aspects of their life, it is all completely meaningless if our governments and the people in power continue to refuse to take action, and in some cases deny that there is a crisis.

 I hope that today is the beginning of a tipping point.  

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