You don’t need to sacrifice your sense of style with an eco-friendly tote bag!


Reusable shopping bags get a bad rap for being fugly sometimes, but this doesn't need to be the case...

Photograph by Claire Searle 

The impact: "On average we use a plastic bag for 12 minutes; only around 10 per cent are recycled in Australia; and they are made from fossil fuels. If we need an emblem of thoughtless consumerism, the single-use plastic bag is it." (source SMH)

It's statistics like these that continue to shock me, yet also inspire me. At The Scenic Route, being eco-friendly is a top priority. However, this doesn’t mean that we sacrifice fashionable design. With Australians using an estimated 5 billion plastic bags per year, the need for change is now.

In most states, change is happening with the ban of single-use plastic bags in supermarkets, but for some reason New South Wales is a bit behind although public pressure behind the move to #banthebag has resulted in some major retailers already taking steps to ban single use plastics. You can sign the Greenpeace petition here urging the NSW government to catch up!

Image by Paul Hilton for Greenpeace

The impact that plastic pollution has on our environment and marine life has been well documented, and some of the statistics are truly horrifying, such as estimates that between 5,000 and 15,000 sea turtles are entangled each year by derelict fishing gear washing ashore in northern Australia alone. (source ABC)


It’s time to change your habits and even the habits of those around you and go plastic bag free! By adopting a stylish reusable canvas bag for your daily needs, others will be even more influenced to be eco-friendly. (Even Vogue agrees!)



That’s why The Scenic Route has applied one of our signature hand-illustrated designs to use on a beautiful long-handled tote bag. The Australia-inspired fairy wrens playing cheerfully on protea flowers turns your shopping bag into a must-have bag! Here’s some tips to make sure you’re being eco-friendly each time you shop.


  1. Skip the packaged produce.

    Buying a bunch of potatoes? Opt out for ones that are pre-packaged and grab multiple potatoes individually to go straight into your reusable bag.
  2. Be prepared!

    Keep a reusable bag in your car or in your purse to make sure you’re always prepared for last minute supermarket shopping. Better yet? Bring 2 just in case you have to buy more than you expected (let’s face it, that always happens!).
  3. Shop for other reusable items

    Ditch plastic straws and purchase a metal or bamboo one that you can use over and over.
  4. Shopping for the right amount

    It’s something you may not often think about, but the environmental impact of farming & livestock is huge. Make sure you’re shopping for the right portions so that you don’t have food waste.
  5. Show others the way!

    Show others that being eco-friendly is cool. Gift them an eco-friendly bag - check out our Mother’s Day gift packs for an even bigger gift! 
  6. Keep on learning

    Learn new tips about the environment and how your choices make an impact. My favourites are the amazing blog by @theplasticfreemermaid  I Quit Plastics and the incredible Wardrobe Crisis podcast by Clare Press.

Photograph by Claire Searle