Flora and Fauna


Absence makes the heart grow fonder. And the cultural cringe disappear.

After 9 years living away from Australia, I feel as though I have returned home with new eyes. I am amazed at all of the things I took for granted, and just how beautiful the native flora and fauna is. It's strange, but I think there is a really weird cultural cringe for all things Australiana. And when I left to travel, there were alot of things about Australia I was happy to leave behind.

But I am going to lay all of my cards on the table. I love May Gibbs, and Ken Done and Jenny Kee and Dorothea Mackellar and all the cliches. I am mesmerised by the work of our incredible Indigenous Australian artists and artisans. And when I hear Waltzing Matilda it brings a tear to my eye.

All I want to do now is capture this beauty! I am rediscovering Australia every day, taking the scenic route and stopping to drink in all the wonder and inspiration, every tiny detail on my journey.

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