Eclectic Home Styling On A Shoestring


I finally have a real home. It is such a different feeling from living in a rented apartment, and like gollum, it's my precious and I want to make everything about it mine mine mine. Today, I'm sharing a few tips on home styling without breaking your budget.

Eclectic home styling

There are serious challenges when moving from a tiny flat to a three bedroom house and not only furnishing it, but making it a treasured cosy home. Especially when you have a limited budget, combined with a particular hatred of flatpack furniture, despise the prosaic monotony of cheap mass produced homewares, and have a burgeoning desire to not contribute further to landfill by mindless consumption.

So I have given in completely to my bowerbird sensibilities- my house is furnished with pre loved items from garage sales, charity shops, rotary auctions, flea markets and stuff literally scavenged from the side of the road in council cleanups- upcycled, recycled or just given a bit of a spit and polish.

eclectic home styling - books and travel souvenirs

I also love displaying all my treasures collected on my travels, and art and craft that my friends have made for me. I am obsessed with texture and love to combine prints, embroidery, weaving and baskets- anything hand made and imperfect gets special pride of place.

I really appreciate the time and love put into making crafts, and when I come across a special piece in a dusty corner of an op shop I can't wait to adopt him and take him home to meet the family.

vintage cushion covers and textiles

There is a real thrill of the chase in this ongoing scavenger hunt, you never know where a treasure will be hiding, I can happily spend an entire morning just browsing op shops, sometimes without even buying anything.

I have had to set rules so my habit doesn't spiral out of control. Before I buy anything I have to ask- Do you love it? Will you regret not having it? Do you have a place for it? Do you really Need it? Is it a bargain? Will you treasure it always? If I can honestly answer yes to at least three of these, it's come to mama.

eclectic home decor - macrame hanging planter, tiki masks

Oh... and did I mention plants? Houseplants bring me joy on so many levels they keep the air clean, add beauty and greenery, create a sense of nurturing, and they are great listeners. (Full disclosure, yes, I am one of those people that talk to their plants).

home styling with succulents and baskets

I also love the myriad of different textures and colours from their leaves. I get many of our plants from our local Botanic Gardens as they have the best exotic varieties, and the volunteers at the gardens are really knowledgable about how to care for them- plus it's a great way to support and contribute to the running of the gardens as the proceeds go into the donations.

Beautiful Coleus Plant

It's an ongoing process making this house a home, I have so many ideas and so much more to do, but I am enjoying every moment. The previous owners had more of a tartan wallpaper and folk art aesthetic which I am still dealing with, although the stained glass windows and whitewashed wood are keepers.  Soon I will share some before and afters in my home styling adventure.

eclectic home styling on a budget
eclectic home decor pieces
My eclectic style home