Summer Refresh - The Lounge Room


Now it's summer time, I thought it would be nice to do a lounge room refresh. And of course I wanted to get my new prints from the Beauty of Nature range up on the wall.

I have been reading The New Bohemians Handbook by Justina Blakeney, it's full of such inspiring advice for creating good vibes in your home! I think my spirit environment for summer is definitely Jungle. This room originally had the most horrible green tartan wallpaper and salmon pink carpet... so it has come a long way... next goal is sorting out the light fixtures (there is a reason why they aren't in the photos!

As always, everything has been lovingly hoarded from charity shops and garage sales, and even some plants salvaged from the side of the road that I am trying to nurture back to life. The main thing is Gypsy the dog has given her seal of approval! (Check out these 5 things I love about second hand shopping by the way)


I love this room now... spent all sunday afternoon reading a book, drinking tea, eating banana bread and snuggling with my pup in this glorious afternoon light! 

Oh, and just to get an idea... This is the before photo of this room below!

Before I redecorated!!! Eeeeeekkkkkk.

Before I redecorated!!! Eeeeeekkkkkk.